Even though these people were cruel to me and treated me wrongly, is anyone else bothered when someone marries someone else/has their kid?

It's really depressing to me, first when I see this person doesn't give a damn about me and gets married, then I see they're pregnant with this guys child. Ugh. It's so upsetting. :(


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  • Other people aren't required to give a damn about you. If you weren't the guy for her, what was she supposed to do? Pretend to like you, be your girlfriend, get married, live the rest of her life resenting you and hating herself for staying with you. Is that really all that you want from a relationship?

    She wasn't The One. You will meet a hundred Not The Ones before you meet the one and only The One. And then you will be damn glad that you didn't settle for the bimbo with big tits that you thought you loved.

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