Would you live with your inlaws?

my inlaws are much different from me and my family. Our families do NOT get along, and my sister in law is constantly a beech to me for no reason lol. She has even wanted to physically fight my mom and sister for really NO reason (lol?) and I feel constantly judged being around them because I was raised very modestly and respectfully.

we are living pay cheque to pay cheque and though its not a big deal for me, my husband feels strained because he pays half our rent and some of his parents' place rent too (he half owns it). He suggested we move into their basement for a couple years to save $ (which is not separate entrance). Everyone who knows his family including my parents, say DONT. Because it will tear us apart from arguments and whatnot. His sisters have even sent me hate mail and all that. Why? Because im "taking their only brother away". What the? Its mutual love of course.. sheesh. His mom's bff is a woman who was after my family and I because she has mental issues. She tried running me over with her car at the age of 9. How can I trust his mother?

he doesn't see this though for some reason. He is thinking of saving money and not my wellbeing. He even admitted he got us a place to rent just to make me happy.

I am so frustrated and dont know how to feel or what to do.


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  • not a chance in hell

    • Right? Can you elaborate?

    • well I'm not married but I am just using my gf's family for an example. I hate them. they are all just weird as hell. her moms is a bitch, so is her sister. her brothers creep me out, her father is a asshole and so is his new wife. and her uncle gives me a weird pedophile vibe for some reason.
      so like I said, not a chance in hell.

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  • it depends...

  • Why don't you just try with the place your boyfriend got? You never mentioned any downsides to that particular option.

    • Huh? Thats his familys house.

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    • The place we are living in right now. We are renting.

    • Oh, your wording threw me off a bit. Honestly, your in-laws sound like they're one step beyond your usual crazy, dysfunctional in-laws; I would strongly recommend against moving in with your in laws unless you really have to, like if money is that big an issue for you. I don't really have experience living with people like that so I'm not the best person who can give advice on this, but keep in mind that as bad as they seem now, it will be even worse if you're living with them and moving in with them wouldn't just be a case of swallowing your pride since they seem like harmful people to be around. So yeah, I would say only do it if you really have to and ask your boyfriend to stop paying rent for his parents house since he isn't living with them anymore (unless you do decide to move back in).