Army information on bringing husband to Korea?

So I'm in the army and I'm gunna get married my sgt said that my husband can't come with me on my year long deployment to Korea but if get them to agree to the 2 year terms then he probably can go but either way I really want him to go with me any advice?


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  • Is it an EAOS issue? What're the years for both of your EAOS's?

    • Also you call him your husband, but you also said you're "gunna get married"? How far away is the wedding date? You should know that the military doesn't recognize "engaged" as a status. You're either "single" or "married".

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    • Thank u! I'm pretty new to the army and my high ups don't seem to have the time to give me detailed information on family living

    • Don't talk to anyone until you've been married, and your "page-two" reflects that. You need to get on top of that, because your status carries no weight until you're actually married according to the military. Also, you guys might call it something different I was a Navy man, not army, but the page-two is where you list dependents.

  • be in the army
    be with a partner

    choose ONE

    • This isn't helpful... While the military shouldn't be expected to cater to married couples by putting their needs above others, they should at least try to put spouses together whenever possible. If not just for the sake of morale. Almost no one would join the military and stay in for 20+ if they knew it meant they'd never be able to have a partner.

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