Why are marriages happier if they have boys?

"According to C. Andre Mizell and Lala Carr Stillman, authors of "All My Children: The Consequences of Sibling Group Characteristics on the Marital Happiness of Young Mothers," a study that appeared in the Journal of Family Issues, women who have only boys experience greater marital happiness than mothers who have boys and girls. When the gender makeup of siblings was all girls or a mix of girls and boys in families with three or more children, there was a negative effect on mothers' sense of contentment. And in the mixed sibling groups, mothers "with more sons than daughters enjoy an advantage in marital happiness not shared by those with more daughters than sons."

Earlier studies, particularly two by L. P. Morgan published in the American Journal of Sociology, reported that having boys as opposed to girls reduced the likelihood of divorce significantly. Another study by two economists claims that parents of girls divorce more often. Fellow PT blogger Anita Kelly discusses this study in depth: Why Parents of Girls Divorce More."


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  • From my experience and those I know with children, girls are a pain in the arse to raise. I love my daughter, but she is definitely more headstrong and defiant than my son. I love them both and they both have great qualities, but she is simply more difficult which makes handling the stress of raising kids a little bit harder sometimes. I wouldn't mind having another girl though :) is this study based on the US population?


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  • Girls are better, if their parents teach them having good ethics and manner , and mostly they are more loyal to their parents than boys.


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  • Why are marriages happier if they have boys?
    In my opinion possibly because boys are seen as better and more valuable than gals. People may say otherwise however I find it is a commonplace norm to use a derogatory insult like bitch interchangeably for the general female population and no such treatment is given to males.

    Plus it seems like boys are given way more leeway on inappropriate, violent, defiant, and rude behavior. From a boy it is just "boys being boys" however from a gal she is rebeling, being a pain in the ass, etc. I find guys and gals are held to a very different standard with gals holding way more accountability and responsibility. There were studies on childhood where a boy breaking the rules or getting rowdy didn't cause much concern for their parents some were even proud and took it as a sign their son was 'assertive' or 'natural leader's. Same scenario with their daughters had very different results as the parents felt shame and that old 'children should be seen not heard' came about.

    Then there is also gender double standards when hitting puberty ie sexual concerns of their daughter being a 'slut' with no to little such regard for their sons. There have been studies on how 'normal' teen behavior is more harshly judged on gals than boys. Going out and partying is often not so much of a worry with a son but plenty of worry with a daughter.

    • males are called bitches too. and it means a lot heavier thing than it does for women. the court system also favors women who receive 60% shorter sentences having the same criminal history and doing the same crime. we have a tendency to protect women. males are expected to protect themselves.

      why do you think that people care less about boys going out and partying than girls? do you think it could be because they care less about the boys and want to protect the girls?

    • Men are called bitches via an insult. I am not talking about insults. I am talking about an insult being used interchangeably for the general male population. Bitch is not used to replace the word men or males.

      The court system favor varies on race, gender, and class. Women receive 60% lighter sentence for certain crimes. Men receive 77% lighter sentence for certain crimes. Depending on your race, gender, and class there are crimes you can get heavier sentences for and crimes you can get lighter sentences for.

      It seems you drunk the MRA/antifeminist Kool aide of poor male victimhood and the male SJW Oppression Olympics.

    • *edit

      Bitch is not commonly as a norm used to replace the word men or males.

  • Maybe women are more willing to leave a bad or abusive relationship if they have a daughter as they want to show them what an ideal relationship is like or protect them more?

  • well this makes sense


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  • Boys take care of their moms and girls fight with their moms...

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