Would this kind of marriage last long?

The guy is a cheating type but wants to marry a certain girl cause she has $$$ and a good job. He basically goes for status and thinks girls like him for his money too... However, he gets engaged to that girl but is flirting with other girls and his ex's calling them hot and wanting to meet up...


  • Yes sounds like it will be a good marriage
  • No he's not marrying for love and sounds like a 💩
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  • She'd be a fool to marry him.

    • But she's going ahead

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    • There's an ex which he can't seem to cut ties with , keeps chasing her and even wants to meet up,(I think it's other girls too) how does he feel about her and whys he doing that whilst preparing a wedding?

    • I'd just be guessing to give you an answer; maybe he didn't get the closure he wanted from her, maybe he didn't move on, but since he's trying to keep in touch with her it's safe to say he's at least interested in her. Sounds like he's multitasking. The wedding is one thing on his radar, but keeping up relations with the other girls are as well, or he wouldn't be doing it.

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  • I can't see how any female would put up with a guy like this. She might as will just keep him as a "sponsor" or someone she just hooks up with for a good time every now and then.


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  • I mean, give everyone the benefit of the doubt right?


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  • Sounds like a very one sided view into the relationship. No one can tell if the marriage will work based on that paragraph. Worse ones than that have succeeded and ones people thought were perfect have failed.

  • its definitely not a good idea at all... this guy is not dating/marriage material