Guys would you want to have a kid with someone you love but you can't be with?

In what case would you want to have a child with woman you are not married with?
answer honestly


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  • Hmm i can't be with?
    well there's no fun in that but.. i wouldn't want to bring a kid into the world if mom isn't going to be around to help teach him or her values. Naturally if she passes away at birth or something then of course i would take care of him/her. If that happened i probably would never re-marry though.

    • I am in a long distance relationship with someone who comes from completely different cultural and social background. We love each other but probably we will never be together. I just want to know will he ever want to have a child with me in future, would guys want to have a child in that situation?

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    • Probably you are right, I mean If we had a kid some day little part of him would always stay with me, even if we were far from each other. But that is selfish.
      The best thing would be if we'd move together but I think it is impossible.

    • If you think it can happen, go for it.
      Love and distance aren't really a thing, you both need positive interaction, connection and communication to continue to make it work. I don't really understand the situation but it seems a little beyond me that he would be so far away that you both cannot be together.

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  • If they beat me repeatedly

    • Why do you want to be beat?

    • I don't want to be beat... I didn't say that. If they hit me a lot or I feel like I'm in physical danger I'll bounce

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  • If it is a long distance relationship across boarders and different countries , like for instance Man is Indian and Women is from Pakistan and both nations are not friendly. In this case she can have sex with the man at a neutral place and then go to her home country and live with her child. Every year , they can meet in a neutral country like Dubai.

    • Yeah long distance relationship is what I think about. So would you want to have a child with her?

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    • I agree with that but wouldn't you prefer to live with them in neutral country?

    • If your financial capacity permits it , then that possibility can be considered.

  • Never for me


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