Broken Promises on MARRIAGE?

Why would a guy promise marriage & ask them to marry them & keep saying they want to marry you. But yet then not even propose to her and take the steps to marriage if the guy says he wants to get married in the next year.


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  • The thought and idea seems to be there, but perhaps he's just not ready to ask the question yet.
    A marriage is more than just proposing, it's costly, stressful and can create a lot of issues between planning, disagreements, finding the time to get things done, etc. There's A LOT that takes place.
    I'm sure if he's mentioned it, he is interested and willing to ask the question soon enough. But best not to expect things too soon, the new year is a while away, and there's plenty of time. :-)
    He probably wants to plan things right, give an awesome proposal, and make it the best he can for both parties.

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