How can a woman go 5 years without her husband saying. I love you?

I've been following a thread of a guy who's wife cheated on him 5 years ago. They recently separated his wife had an affair with a contracter when their house was being renovated. He hired a private Investigator who walked in on them her laying on their bed she was in lingerie. He planned on divorcing her but she begged and pleaded and he relented until recently the details of their physical acts got to him and he left her. She. Pretty much degraded herself and blew him in a room while the other staff waited outside and when they walked out they were all smirking. Another contractor who was religius tipped him off as he was disgusted by Whatbwas going on. He made her fire the contractor who she was sleeping with even though she was too embarrass to do it. Tore up the headboard with a hack saw and got a new bed. He divorced her because he couldn't get over it and even though his wife was begging and pleading him not to leave her he eventually moved out. After 20 years of marriage he hated that he couldn't say "i love you" to her after she said it. He pretty much replied back "yeah me too" or "okay/yeah".

Wh wouldn't she leave him knowing she was no longer the apple of his eye. Even though it was her fault?


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  • People want what they can't have. Shameless...


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  • Because she's a selfish slut. She knew she had married a good one and knew that if she lost him she'd never get a good guy again.