How to let him know I'm ready for him to propose/get married?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We currently live in the southeast but because he's in the Navy he will be moving to Connecticut in the spring. He wants me to move there with him but I feel like moving across the country with him is a big step to take and would be more comfortable if we were engaged. I do believe this is the guy I want to share my life with. I just wish I had more commitment from him at this point. I've hinted to him about him proposing and what rings I like. I'm at a loss at what I should do without coming out and saying it.


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  • I mean, let's face it... This guy probably already knows that you're ready for him to propose and the truth is, there's a good chance he'll propose at some point. But with guys, sometimes they just don't want to make that commitment. It's a tough thing because he's asking you to relocate your entire life to be with him, but at the same time he doesn't want to feel pressured into doing something that he's not ready for. This strikes me as a pretty big moment in your relationship so I think you should just go out and say it. Maybe not talk about rings and marriage exactly, but let him know that you need some assurance that if you're going to move all the way up north to be with him, that you want to know that you aren't chasing a dead end.

    He's going to say that you're pressuring him and what not, but at some point you need to look out for yourself too, you know? And really, what we're talking about here isn't even the most pressure you could put on him. We're talking about a conversation that talks about commitment, not about marriage so he needs to be able to handle at least that much if he wants to keep this relationship going.


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  • I see no problem in you forcing him to marry you.
    Just put your cards on the table, otherwise, nothing will happen.
    Tell him clearly what you want.


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  • Start making the idea of marriage (and commitment) into the hottest, dirtiest thing imaginable.

    When you talk dirty to yr man, drop hints about how much it would turn you on to be his *wife*... and about how nasty and slutty you'll be for him once that ring is on yr finger.
    Tell him how much *commitment* makes you HOT.

    Wear all white to bed... a *lot*. White lingerie, white heels, white everything. Get him used to it -- and seduce him *and yourself* into thinking about hot, sexy, irresistible addiction every time you think about marriage.

    Once he's a little more on board with the whole thing... whenever you're talking sexy, don't even say "I" or "me" anymore. Just "yr wife".
    "Hey boy... yr wife wants to fuck."
    "Come here and fuck yr wife."
    "Yr wife is nice and wet for you."


    Oh, and, don't stop doing any of these things once you're actually married, either. Not that you'll want to.

  • If he didn't show interest in getting married you shouldn't be forcing him. Maybe instead of drop hints you should ask him if he wants to get married, when does he sees himself settling down

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