When would you guys propose to a girl?

A question for you guys. When would you propose to a girl? What should the circumstances be? Or when do you think this is the right girl for me and I want to spend the rest of my live with her?


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  • 1. Have to be dating for several years at least.

    2. I want to be financially stable beforehand.

    3. I want her to have some idea of what she wants out of life.


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  • The best time for a man to propose to a woman is when you both feel like you can't connect any better. I never planned on marrying, but when my husband asked me to, I thought, deep down, I had already felt I was. When we argue, it never lasts more than 5 minutes and it's never about anything important. Good communication is very important in a strong relationship. You don't have to be financially stable to get married. Love should over rule money, always. My husband and I do ok financially...we're not completely poor, but we can live by our means, and as long as we have one another to confide in, then we're set. We actually thought about living homeless for a summer, just to see what it is like. The best thing to know if you want to get married are future plans...do you want children? where do you see yourself in 20 years? Not sure if this answer is what you're looking for, but I thought this might help, coming from a strong relationship.

    • Your ahead of your time, you know what's important in life...you sure you have the right age in your profile, I guess there's still hope for the young lol

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