When is it the right time to get married?

Me and my partner have been talking about marriage a lot lately. It kind of scares me bc we now have nothing. He's not working yet (going to start next yr tho) and i am still in uni. Even though we're not getting married in anytime soon but i still don't think we'll be ready in 3-5 years.

I mean, okay, both our our expenses are pretty high. Not to brag but we both came from an upper class family. I have a bad habit with spending my money on stupid things cause i never think money is a problem. When we get married i think it will be a problem knowing we'll be supporting ourselves without our parents help. Not to mention, where are we going to live when we cannot afford to buy a house yet?

i know i may sound materialistic to some people but it is or will be an issue in the future. So yea, when do you guys think is the right time to get married?


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  • 23 to 29 years is the best time to get married.


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  • Well put your habits aside for now as you know what u do wrong and what you need to improve by yourself. Ok now to answer your question as to when is the right time to get married? I would as you, is there really a right time? I mean you can plan the wedding and everything but if you are not ready for it then it will never be the "right time".

    Think these through with your partner:
    1. How will you afford your livings?
    2. Are you both on the same page about marriage, kids and living together?
    3. Are you both earning or who will be taking care of the finance?
    4. Will you be cooking together or what are your budgets for the week or month?
    5. Do you love each other and really think it is the right time to discus seriously about marriage?

    I am in a relationship myself and I live in another country from my boyfriend and we both know we are not ready to seriously think about marriage yet cause he is changing his career and i am still in uni but will be finding a job later on next year. None of us are financially independent from our families and I feel the need to move out and be living near my boyfriend before i think about marrying.

    If you are allowed then do take the advantage of living together for a while to see how it goes before you get married then you both will know how comfortable you are together or not. Just dont have high hopes going into the situation but always have high spirits and motivation to make compromises when necessary. And more importantly dont go to your parents while you do try out the living in relationship then you can realistically see the situation.

    • Well i will be continuing my study near him (we live in a different country). Still gonna be financially supported by my mum but yea I don't know.

    • Then for now focus on your studies, he isn't running off anywhere so just relax for now and think about marriage later on when u feel it is right.

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  • I am in university and my boyfriend is in university and we both manage to live on our own in an apartment. It isn't that hard.

  • The right time to get married is when you're ready and find someone to marry you.

  • Only get married when you both are financially responsible.