When you marry someone does their behavior change?

For example say your partner has promiscuous behavior before marriage. Do you think that marriage will change that or the behavior they show before marriage is what you get all the time?


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  • Yes definitely. That's why some say it's smart to live with the person for a while to try to really get to know them, & maybe get into the "shell" that people seem to keep up. Some people change, some dont. People might change after marriage or some people might change 20 years after marriage.

    That's why I agree with @BeautifulPromisesx & say it is scary sometimes.

    • Forget marriage.. Just think in terms of relationships how much your partners changed and you felt like you don't even know them anymore lol.

    • Yeah haha good point, I've definitely been in relationships where they just change and aren't the same person.

      Those are the times when relationships can suck the most.

      Now I haven't gave up on relationships lol, but also I know
      it'll make me cautious in the future.

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  • Umm YES.
    People are constantly changing.
    That's why that shit is scary.

  • No it doesn't.


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