How can a man be fun?

How can a man be fun / interesting? What engages your attention?


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  • when a guy talks about something he's really passionate about like a hobby are his job are something. it lets me see a different side of him. generally if I don't know him that well its when I see the more serious side of his personality but don't over do it because it can get boring if you give to many details.

    • Could you clarify that for me with the following?

      So basically it would be a smart idea to target the "punch lines" and not so much on the "journey" to developing them? How about adding a little humor rarely? Would that throw you off or make you more interested; being as you mentioned seeing the "real" side of him...?


  • BeingREAL actually engage in us when we're talking, funny guys that aren't trying to hard.

    • Thank you; I was trying to understand that concept and I thought I had nailed it. Maybe it's the last 5 words that I need to work on. If you have any pointers for developing more personality and less desire, let me know.

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