My roommate says he wants his fiance/wife to move in with him... but I'm also in the apartment?

So a little while ago, my roommate proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes. My roommate was saying that he wanted to get married once he pulled enough money together. His "timeframe" basically made it so it'd be a month before our lease expired.

He said he wanted his fiance, after marriage, to live with him once they got married. He basically pitched it as, "We know we can't live completely liberal around you like a typical married couple, but we want to live together."

He asked my thoughts about it, and I'd say I'd get back to him.

I'm hesitant about it. The fiance is a cool person, and I've had no problem with her, but the idea of a third person in our spot is kind of unpleasant space wise. Likewise, I'm worried it may get awkward, like living as the permanent "third wheel." On the other hand I'm like, "pssh, it's only like a month. What could go wrong?" My roommate is a good friend of mine, and I'd rather not lose him from whatever happens.

So what are your thoughts? Think it sounds like a bad idea in the making, or no?

  • This is a bad idea. ABORT
  • It'll probably be fine.
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  • I lived with my cousin and her fiance before I moved out with my boyfriend. It was alright for a good while, mostly because my cousin and I were close. But it does create a permanent sense of never feeling totally comfortable or at home. You'll always feel like you're in somebody else's place. You have to worry about bringing people over, there's a chance that their partner might not like you/get annoyed with you, and of course the ever-so-lovely getting caught in the middle of a lovers quarrel.

    I personally do not suggest it. While it was okay for me for a number of years they eventually wanted to just live there alone, which was fine because I ended up moving out with my boyfriend anyway. I'd just tell him that you aren't comfortable with it.

    • Thanks for chiming in. So the main issue is that my roommate's fiance may have a different lifestyle than mine? (which could lead to conflict)

      Did you find problems like this to happen pretty fast, or did they happen over months went by?

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    • Ahh did you feel like it permanently hurt your relationship with your cousin at all?

    • No, her and I have been close forever. But inappropriate shit happened with her fiance so I think he doesn't care for me much as a result.

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  • Depends on the living space y'all have. If its for a month I think you should be fine with it if he's a good buddy.

    • The living space is just a standard two bedroom, plus a commons area. It's relatively small and compact (considering we are cheap college students lol)

    • So its gonna be tight? I'd personally be fine with it but its your call.

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  • If it's only for a month I think it's ok, but make sure one of you has another place lined up for straight after the lease ends. You definitely don't want to be third wheeling with newlyweds and it's not fair of him to expect you to.
    As long as everyone is clear on that it shouldn't be too bad right?

  • I think he should get his own place with his wife. Especially if he's not willing to pay more for the rent now that someone from his side will also share the place.

  • Sounds like a bad idea.

  • Aboooorrrrrrrtttttt. 🚀🚀🚀Seriously it's not a good idea.

  • sounds like trouble.
    he needs to get himself a house.

  • bad idea


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