When a girl thinks/feels that way about me, what should I do?

k...in the UK, its now approx 4:52 am and just got rid of this girl. here goes...its long!Cause its been bugging me for too long!but promise you it will be interesting (well I hope!)...I'm 23 and I have never known or got to know a girl that wants to be "just friends" with me!know you guys might be thinking I'm crazy or completely lost it!n NO I ain't gay!(no offense to anyone btw). got to know more than my share of girls over the years, and No I ain't no "man whore" or whatever you wanna call it. in all honestly, because of by background I've only ever been out with one girl, and that was for 2 and half years. didn't wanna f*** around (can I say that? I'm new to this...) that just ain't me, DON'T MIND SETTLING DOWN AND GIVING IT ALL TO ONE GIRL (hahaa, but I'm serious). every time I meet a girl/ get to know somehow, its like she just assumes we are an ITEM- and I'm like WHAT!when did that happen? I'm like looking for the remote!...pause!rewind!play but on "slow motion"...just can't see it?this girl I was chatting to now was just talking about this guy that likes her and asked her out...n I'm like go for it!what she thinking, that going to make me jealous?are you kidding me...then you won't believe it, she goes"are we not like kinda dating?"all I could assume was she was chatting to someone else at the same time- I mean that's the only explanation!so being the nice kinda guy that I am :) I waited for her to finish the convo with this mysterious other person. then all of a sudden she just starts SHOUTING-"WHY AIN'T You REPLYING?"AM LIKE TO WHAT!?SHES LIKE ARE WE!?I'M LIKE F***!listen sweetie I'm kinda tired...and here I am guys!FOLLOWING ME SO FAR?not long to go now don't worry. so what is it?i mean ill be straight, I ain't even that good looking!not ugly, but OK. quotes: "cute, rough, handsome" depends on the weather I guess..but not HOT or FIT!just OK. (still with me yeah?) further, it don't even take long! first convo HI, second convo its like I must have proposed to her in my sleep or in her dreams or something because she can't get enough!...?yeah its nice and that but don't wanna get their hopes up esp if I don't feel the same way.make so many excuses not to meet up and give them the wrong impression (thinking about publishing em!). I'm a chiller, I like to have fun. got a steady job and a business; I'm a grafter. work hard, play even harder. gotta do it, life is too short. so my question is (lol)...when a girl thinks/feels that way about me, what should I do? Cause I might just like em. just as friends that's all. and want things to stay that way. don't mind spending time with em just as friends and doing things (as in movies,go out for a meal or something) kept this inside me for years so quick responses would be very much appreciated. THANKS


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  • I don't know...you have to really reflect upon what you say/do that makes them think that way...maybe you'll have to start saying you are dating other women just to give them the indication that you are not serious/exclusive.

    It does seem odd...and I'm assuming they say this before you have sex with them?

    Or is that what makes them think you two are an item?

    • Lol!just at work. 17 views and only one reply?atleast I'm not the only human that can't figure it out!

      hey, first of all can't believe people actually took time out to read all that!thanks....back to the Q, Yes very odd and before sex. just can't imagine how crazy it would be if I did with some of them?thats the best thing about me!:) seriously though, I never get all serious or give out any indications that I am!just be myself and you know...just keep it casual...

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    • No chance!...well once, that was only to my ex and I meant it. you see the thing is I wouldn't really be that bothered but when I do tell them I don't see them that way...its baaaad!lluckily I'm in the uk and can't receive the death sentence!but that's how it feels!i feel like such a d*** sometimes, then I'm like I didn't do sh*t!im sure there's a fan/hate club somewhere out there all getting together cursing me. I'm a nice guy really so please don't join em!anymore advice?:)

    • Well, that's good. I just had to clarify...because everyone can read into things a little too much...that's why we're here. BUT if you're sure you don't say anything that leads them on or give them the idea that you are a couple...i guess it's just that, that's what they want and assume you feel the same way.

      It's too bad that you might have to resort to being a d*** but you can politely honest about you're feelings or lack thereof. it's worse when you don't know where you stand with someone.

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