Do you think men that wears suits and tie are social wusses? especially if they always have to wear them?

I don't understand why men wear suits and ties at proms and weddings. It seems they should be able to freely wear Bugs Bunny jumpsuits or whatever. Plus, I find it sexist that women are permitted to bare their arms, back and legs but men aren't. It seems like men started this tradition, which is prototypical with most traditions.

I'm tired of hearing the term 'suitor' or 'tailor' at wedding ceremonies. Why do men let women out-skin them in the body department? What's wrong with wearing what that man on Aladdin wore or wearing tank tops and short shorts?

It just seems like if a man chooses to celebrate his natural skin at a wedding ceremony, then he is a social outcast. I'm mainly referring to American customs like businesses, executives, weddings, etc.

I mention this due to a friend of mind's upcoming weddings arrangements. A woman told me I need to suck it up and just wear the clothes but that's not how I roll. I am a challenger by nature. I told her why didn't you suck it up and wait until your baby was born to find out if the baby would be a boy or girl. She had the test to find out. Needless to say, she said 'Good Point' and told me that I'm possibly the only man that could win an argument against a woman. lol

Folks, this highly bothers me. I'm not saying men and women ought to wear the same clothes. I'm saying whatever amount of skin a woman is able to show, the man should be also, without social scrutiny. I mean Moses and Christopher Columbus didn't wear suits and ties when they married. Folks, I am not talking about beach weddings or nude weddings. I mean church-like weddings. It's another form of clothing reform. What makes society so special that it can dictate what we are or are not to wear and when or when not to wear them and where or where not we can wear them?

This topic should have been addressed long ago and I don't have any friends that gives much input into this. Mighty folks, please give me your take and input into this.

Do you think men that wears suits and tie are social wusses? especially if they always have to wear them?
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