Don't think of marriage?

So my boyfriend asks me sometimes why I don't like/believe in marriage because when I see a cute kid I say that I want one (though not now because I'm only 16) and then he brings that up, he really wants to get married one day and I'm like completely against it about and he's always "well you'll have guys kids but you won't marry them?Wtf!" I mean I'm not gonna have 865432 dif guys kids, I want to have kids with one guy that I love, but I don't see the reason to marry someone. He wants to get married around like 25 and that's in 4yrs so I'm like /: ya know?

So is it weird that I want to have kids but not get married?


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  • I'd be interested to know if you change your mind in about 10 years. I heard many of my friends say the same and they have all been at least tempted to marry since then.

    Who cares if its weird or not? Its up to you and whoever decides to be with you. If you do stick with this way of thinking, I'm sure at some point it will be a detriment to a relationship or two. When someone has their heart on marriage and you say you will not, they may question your commitment to them.


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  • 16 year old girl and 21 year old guy? Ewwww.

    If you don't want tax cuts that's fine by me.

    • Yeah I don't remember me asking about our ages, you don't like it that's cool don't date anyone 5yrs younger and don't say its "eww" because everyone's different.

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    • Ok fine but let's just say it in our head next time or to yourself because really now I don't need someone I don't even know saying ewww to my relationship.

    • Well that's the price you pay when you post on a forum. It's not a big deal.

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  • No, that's weird. That's probably illegal.