Is there anyway to know without flat out asking?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for a while. we both are madly in love and have planned for the future. future home, kids, etc. Funny thing is, is he's been the one to be the first to bring these things up. Well about two months ago, I asked if we were going to move in before getting married or vise-versa, he said he'd been researching that topic for a while (I had no idea at the time) and said he would prefer we get married before. he's going to boot camp for four years come next year and I asked if we would possible be engaged before he left. he said "shh. don't ruin my plans" (granted I wasn't being serious just being a brat) but anyways. recently he's been acting different. more attentive, more clingy and touchy even around his friends. I'm not complaining. but he had a lot saved up month ago and now he's pretty much living off he's two weeks pay and has to wait next week for his next paycheck. Here's the thing, he hasn't bought anything expensive aside from food but that wouldn't make him go broke. before he wouldn't have a problem discussing money with me and now he's so secretive. so I guess my question is, was he serious about the whole engagement thing? and is there anyway to know for sure without flat out asking him?


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  • Nope. If you really love him, trust him and let the universe do it's whole day to day thing. based on the few clues you gave, it sounds like he could be planning a special day for you just before leaving. One where he might present you with a ring. Don't work yourself up about it because you never know what the future holds and you could be reading into things. If I were you, I would just spend as much of your energy as possible enjoying every minute of him now without worrying about it because you might not get to see him very much for a long time.

    Don't work yourself up and miss out on the short time that is left before he goes. relax, and enjoy him.


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