What should I do?

me and my girlfriend have been together for over a year were both 17 lately we've been talking about getting married what should I do?


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  • How serious are these conversations?

    Maybe get her a promise ring first? 17 is very young, so being engaged or married is not the greatest idea.

    Wait a couple more years at least

    • There pretty serious

    • I would get her a promise ring and wait until you are 18 to make the decision.

      Maybe thing of the logistics of where you would live, how you would pay for this, what both your parents think about this...whether you value what think if it's not in agreement.

      Marriage isn't JUST about your feelings, living together would ALSO be a VERY good first step. Maybe ask her to move in with you AND give her a promise ring? People have weird/annoying quirks you only find out about by living together.

  • wtf You're too young!


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