Is he looking for more?

Help me out here please. I am 31 he is 51 and he is my boss. I'm trying to figure him out to see if he is just being nice or wants more then a professional relationship. He talks to me about how him and his wife are different and whatever was there before it no longer is there. He is very touchy although lately he backed off. He makes flirtatious remarks like; you must have an admirer, wondering what you are all about, asked if I would go on a business trip with him... He also mentioned that he thinks that I am an attractive woman. Asked if I want more kids (I have two). He also asked questions about my marriage (which is not going well). I told him that I was considering leaving my job and he said that I can't leave him now. I really need a guy opinion on this , is he looking for more?


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  • YES . He is definitely interested in you and he is testing to see how would you react to him. If you like him .. go for it but never be too easy . The issue here is that both you and him should make indipendant decisions about year marriages. I don't think it is a wise idea to divorce someone for someone else . Divorce someone because you can't envision bieng with him. Also tell him that if he divorces his wife that doesn't mean you automatically bieng his. So there is no stress on any one.


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