Did she cheat? What am I supposed to think?

2 years ago I broke up with my girlfriend cos I couldn't promise her marriage and I didn't want to use her until I had figured out my life. I took a step back, but she kept pursuing me to be in it for almost 2-3 months. she even ran after my car once asking me to take her back.

i gave in eventually, but I reminded her abt marriage cos it was wrong for me otherwise. and she didn't have any issues with it as long as we weren't making it too public. life went on. I drove almost 2 hrs every weekend to be w/her for 2 years. spent every free moment I had on the phone with her, treated her like family.

a few months back, she starts fighting with me more, and then one day tells me that she wants to see this new guy. I said whatever cos I thought she was trying to piss me off as usual, but it turned out to be more serious. and they kissed within a few days after I had been intimate with her. a week later I found out she was spending all her nights at his place. I even found out she was talkin shit bout me.

but on the phone with me, she was tellin me that she only loved me and wanted me in her life always. (because I was her best friend).

anyway. big fight follows, we don't talk to each other anymore.


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  • You certainly have a ton of history with this girl. It sounds like she is just incredibly unstable. It looks like she dumped you when she said, "I want to see this new guy". It's up to you now. If you want to pursue her do so, or if you want to wait and see if she comes back to you, that works too, or you can just move on altogether.

    If you can move on, if you can't, just wait it out. And yeah, what she did was definitely cheating.

    Sorry, this seems like a seriously crappy situation. I hope it gets better for you. Really do.

    • I waited until she started comparing me to him. how he was better/smarter. then how she felt bad that he had never gotten a bj (lol yea..). she cried a lot when I found out she was sleeping with him.. her reasons were that she was lonely... I don't know how. I pretty much was broken down... so she then decided to tell pple I was suicidal/unstable. problem now is... after all those insults, I couldn't take it anymore and started fighting a lot and said she was acting slutty. I apologised. but yea.. sux

    • If at all possible, try to move on. She is seriously warped. She needs time to mature and reflect.

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  • of course she cheated on you, spending night at another guys place, yea I believed she was having fun with him.

  • It sounds as though she really only wants to be with you but feels like there's some reason she can't be. She may be heartbroken that you do not want to marry her and is looking for someone who will love her enough to marry her. Evidently, she has found out that she does not really love this guy but that it is you that she loves. If you love this girl, don't be a fool and lose her.

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