What's your reaction if a girl asked if you are married?

I'm not going to give much context, but if a girl asks you (men ages 26-33) : "Is it true you have a wife?", what would be your conclusions?

Assume you've had a crush on her for a while and had doubts if she liked you before (you subtly flirt). She says this when you both are alone, walking up a stairwell.

I know he didn't take it as curiosity, because I end up talking w/a close friend of his who slips and says, "You were worried".


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  • Thats the motherloads of IOI's (indicator of interest)

    I'd take it as an invitation to get me to show my interest on her and I would milk it dry specially if I've chatted her up before and I know she is quiet open to me.

    I can already see how a conversation would go:

    Me: "Why are you interested in me? Because I really like you".

    Her: "Noooo. I am just asking. " *any answer here doesn't really matter because I cut her off*

    Me: "Ok I was just kidding anyways. no. I am not married, no girlfriend. but seriously what's the real reason you asked? Now you got me curious" -- here you ask her again! pretending you did not believe what she said before.

    and just take the conversation anywhere you want, hell it could be how she thinks the garbage collectors work or whatever.

    And at one point when she;s all ok and really giving you signs that she digs you, you bring it up again and "But back to where all this started, I am not married and I really like you. "

    • Hahaha it went like this:

      Me: "Is it true you have a wife?"

      Him: (joking) "Yeah, I have one of those........ why?"

      Me: "No, I was just wondering, because I heard (mumble mumble)"

      He was quiet on the stairs behind me after that (we were both silent). Then when we reach a certain floor I'm reading a book in a small crowd of people and he's there, and I don't know why but he's unusually forward, asking me about my book but I'm just ignoring/rejecting him. After that day he's been more obvious

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    • I couldn't dare say why he thought you asked, but If somebody asked me, I would take it as a conversation starter. The question itself shows that you've had some thoughts about me beforehand or otherwise would make me think that you have talked about me with your friends, or that you just really like me. Like I said, it's a great indicator of interest because if you come asking me such a question, I wouldn't not bother why you are asking, I just know it's game time, and you are open game. :)

    • Hahaha!!!! Excellent :)

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