How do I know he's ready for marriage?

We are engaged and been together for two years. Not wanting anything to be rushed. Just curious to know. How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to marry you? what are some signs that show this?

Yes I have met his family. We want a kid within the next 2-4 yrs, we have had on and off long distance relationship when we had to work out of town for a month and a bit, we have hitchhiked together, and took a trip to his family. We live together
We already have one baby girl together. He wants to have another one with me. I see nothing wrong with being engaged for a long time. Personally, I would like to finish my schooling and other stuff before I have another kid and get married.


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  • 1. have you met his friends and family?

    2. have you talked about short and long term plans together? i.e. children

    3. have you had a long distance relationship or traveled together on a trip?

    4. have you decided where to live together or are you living together?

    5. you already took care of the biggest question, the engagement...


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  • congratulations...your man is comfortable to settle down with you...


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  • You're young! I say stay engaged for years, go to college, travel a bit then, and only then, will you be wise enough to bring other souls into this world to be productive people in society...To many of you teens, and 20's think that marriage is some trophy or reward...Well I'm very sorry but it's not! Aside from raising children, marriage is the most difficult job in the world and your chances greatly increase by waiting until you're older. Trust me, no dis on marriage at all, some marriage are beautiful. Right now I believe, in your age group, less than 10% last longer than 10 years...Along with being very grim, it's a very terrible way to raise children...Best of luck. Cheers!

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