Is she trying to lure me out of my marriage?

About nine months after her divorce she started to flirt with me by gazing and running into me more often at work. I finally approached her and asked her to lunch but she said she is dating someone. What confused me is that she started to flirt even more. I asked her to stop the flirting with me because I am married and she got upset with me. I found out that she broke up with her boyfriend who is a doctor and know she is flirting with me again by gazing at me. I posted a flier at work about a weekly car cruise that I enter my car in to see if she would show up. Well she did dressed to kill. I did not approach her but she did see me at least twice. I really have developed a strong attraction to her because of these games. Do you think she is doing this on purpose to lure me out of my marriage? I hate to say it but I think I really am falling for her and I already know its wrong! They say to listen to your gut and that is what it is telling me.


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  • She isn't trying to "lure" you out of your marriage. Actually, she doesn't really give a damn about your marriage at all. She is just a whore who likes screwing around with men. If you feel like ruining your marriage over a slut, by all means, pay attention to her. If you feel like saving your marriage, and sticking to those vows you made like a man who deserves respect, then stay away from her. If you can leave when she is present, then do so. If she talks to you, ignore her if possible. Don't even look at her. Pretend you aren't attracted to her in the least. If you can't, then find another job.

    You made vows, I don't think your wife would be very pleased if you cheated on her. And you will, if you give that whore any of your time. Unless you feel like wrecking your marriage for a woman who can't keep her own afloat, avoid that lady at all costs. Do you really want to hurt your wife? Imagine, the woman you married, in tears, because you couldn't keep your pants on! And where would this office whore be? She would be on to her next target. Not worth it. Don't do it.

    You aren't falling for her, you are lusting after her. There are times when you don't listen to your gut, especially when it is receiving instruction from your d***. Avoid her, avoid her, avoid her.


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    dont let her tempt you like this. seriously women who intentionally go after married/committed men are f***ed up emotionally. they are negative and bitter and want to ruin other people's relationships so they can become just as miserable as them.

    dude how would your wife feel if you did something with her. think of the look on her face and her crying if she found out that you were unfaithful. and please don't think you won't get caught. what's done in the dark is seen in the light...always. and at the risk of generalizing, men are typically sloppy cheaters - you will get caught if you cheat. is it worth possibly ruining your marriage for a trifling slutty divorcee` like your coworker?

    perhaps you are turned on because of the attention she is giving you. you feel flattered and wanted, like you're the man right? hey, you're human. but maybe you should redirect this flirty energy and invest it into your relationship. treat your wife like she is your girlfriend and don't leave any room for homewrecking whores to ruin your marriage. your gut is telling you the truth, don't succumb to it.


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  • Dude, don't humor her. Don't associate with her, don't test her, don't toy with her, NOTHING! You are on the right track to ruining your marriage and that is definitely not cool for you or your wife. You need to act uninterested around the coworker. Don't look at her if you don't have to. If she notices and asks why, then say that you didn't mean anything by it. But by all means, stay distant!