What does he really want?

I have recently reconnected with a very special guy friend. We hadn't been in contact for over 20 years. We have been chatting on-line & skyping. There has been some intense sexual talk & nudity. We have a past sexual history. Here's the thing... He got engaged about 2 weeks before we reconnected. He lives on the West Coast & I lived in the Midwest. He talked about coming back for a long weekend. We sometimes go for a week without chatting, but he always sends an email to check in. I've been in love with him as long as I can remember (friends since age 4).What does it mean? What is the difference between "luv ya" & "love you"?


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  • Luv ya is a pacifying method when someone isn't ready to say they love you.

    It gives them time to enjoy your company or whatever their motives are while keeping you content.

    You should probably let him know that if he plans on pursuing you he should do so as a single guy that wants you exclusively.

    Also, you need to quit gazing at his weiner and discuss where this little affair is going. Are you going to go there? Does he plan on moving back? Or is he going to keep using you for his own pleasure? Are you content to be his good time girl on the side? How long do you plan on being single and being his welcome home mat? Will you continue this when you do meet someone?

    These are the questions you need to be asking. Is he messing with you because he is nervous, is it a last minute fling? Is he hoping you will win his heart and get him out of it or are you just some fun on the side because he isn't a very faithful guy?

    Being the lady on the side doesn't really have the best reitrement plan or benefits on the upside it takes a lot less work and commitment.

    So, decide what you want, think it through and then pursue it (whether it be with him or without him).


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  • if I were you, I'd find someone who was not engaged, or tell him to break off his engagement and ask him straight up if there is anything possible that could work out between the two of you... you know? like get serious...