Do you all feel that marriage is as important as it was back in the day?

Hmm well just that. What do you all think of marriage this day in age? Are you for it? Would you rather just have a common law marriage? I'm just curious :)


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  • i don't think its as important as it used to be...and the divorce rate is there to back me up. I for one remain undecided on the prospect on marriage. I'm a firefighter, and find myself spending at least 80 hours a week away from home. so in other words, I would find it wrong to devote myself to a woman in marriage, have children, and then never be around to support them. that's just my side of things.

    • Yea I agree. But it's so sad that marriage seems to just be thrown around now a days, married then in a few months, divorce. :(

      I wish more people thought like you.

    • I think its because marriage isn't as much love anymore. its more becoming forced because of children being born. could have a lot to do with how teens are being raised in the past 10 years or so too. real hard to point the finger on one thing

  • to the new age american hell no marriage is like considered death and a thing of the past plus 1 part of marriage is already messed up. People have already fu**ed their brains out before they even consider getting married. Me personally I wish it was as important as it once was because that way there would be more people around worth marrying

    • Definitely, well my fiance and I are taking it slow to make sure things go well. So I really really really hope that once we get married it lasts lol. if not ill be sad. And yea so true, most of the time people aren't worth marrying anymore, well a lot of em, or they've been hurt by others and are paranoid about relationships and marriage.

    • Yup very true, like people are territorial and hate it when they find out their partner has a past that everyone in their neighborhood including the springer audience knows about but them and stuff like that hurts. I thinks its good that you hav found someone and are trying and I wish you good luck.

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