What is a way I can talk to him about marriage?

Well this seems simple, however when I first met him we talked about various things and I was talking about my mother and how she was set to get remarried for the 3rd time (which is insane!) and I told him that it was because I think marriage fails that I don't believe in it and I never want to get married. Well now that we've been together for quite sometime and over this course of I've experienced things and met people who made me believe otherwise... the sad thing is now that I do see that I was wrong I do want to be with him and make that commitment to him, He's told me a million times he wants to spend his life with me and in 10 months we're getting semi matching tattoos with the others initials, but I don't know how I can even talk to him about this without seeming so stupid and randomly bringing it up.

thanks for you're help! =)


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  • Wow this is quite the situation... Yet not impossible to approach. Slowly bring up things relating to marriage like how you think that you wouldn't mind spending the rest of you life with him. Any friends getting married - remark how you think its fabulous and about time... Drop little things and when you are on comfortable footing broach the subject upfront with him share your feelings and find out his. Remember that love is a risk so take that leap of faith. Best of Luck to you and your man! Hope there is a happy ending in there :)