How would my boyfriend react?

If I tell him that some people we know, wants me to marry their son. . How would he react on this situation, if I tell him that there is a guy who wants to marry me? Would he don't care or at least think about it!?

I want serious answer because I have to tell this to him, I don't wanna marry another guy when my boy is perfect for me. But tell me guys, should I tell him?


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  • I'm all for radical honesty.

    In my past relationship, one of my best friends proposed to me... I told my boyfriend what happened, BUT I also let him know that I wouldn't be considering any sort of possible yes because I loved him and didn't want to be with anyone else. He appreciated that I let him know, but he was a really understanding fellow and didn't become suddenly insecure whenever I hung out with my best friend again.

    But I have to warn you that not all men are the same, and you have to be prepared for any sort of response in this situation. Either way, I advocate honesty and taking the consequences of the truth, but it's entirely up to you. Your boyfriend can become very jealous if you decide to hang around the man who wants to marry you. Or he can take it as a compliment to himself, that someone else wants to be with his girlfriend. He can become insecure that you'll leave him.

    You mentioned, however, that your boyfriend is perfect for you, and you don't want to marry this other guy... That's the main thing that matters here. The answer of fact is that you got a proposal; this should be stated no matter what. The answer of law (of relationship) would be not guilty, as you are not telling him to elicit some sort of response for personal benefit OR lying by omission about something that he deserves to know.

    • Thanks. .

      i want to tell him but I never get a chance. As I said that maybe my parents will say no to their proposal and still he'll be stressed out (maybe), but I dun wanna hide anything from him. .i would tell him. .then and there I would know how much I mean to him!!

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  • I think more importantly what you need to do is to tell this to your parents. If you've found someone who makes you happy in your life, let them know that the arranged marriage isn't right at all. In terms of the boyfriend, just come out about it and just be honest because the sooner you tell him the better he will handle it. He won't like it at all, but you need to be honest with him always, that's what will keep a relationship afloat.

    • I can't tell my parents. they would be mad about me having a boyfriend!! But I want to talk to him but scared that maybe he'll loose hi feelings for me:S

    • Okay:

      1. You're being completely unfair to him. Trapping him because you don't want to lose him? That's not fair to him at all. He has a definite right to know that his girlfriend just might possibly end up marrying another, that's the reality. So you need to be realistic and let him know that possiblity.

      2. The parents will find out somehow either through your unwillingness to marry or meet the guy.

      Overall you need to be honest. Be honest.

    • I cannot tell my parents about my b\f because I am waiting for the right time when his family can ask about our marriage, (when he actually has a job). I was just wondering, if my parents will say no to the other guy then I don't have to tell him or stress him out. .i've always been honest to him but don't want to stress him or hurt him or get hurt!!