Why are the boys mostly rejected.

If a girl propose some boy, there is very rare chance that she will be rejected but in case of boys its just opposite( very rare chance to be accepted).


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  • How come? I can't see this difference! Can you show me what made you assume that this is true?

    Because altough I try...It's not possible to understand how the same behaviour (propose) would have different results because of the gender?!

    Guys and girls have the same chances and oportunitty to get the partner in order to willing to accept or deny.

    SO, seems you got by the begin, 50% of chances to be sucessful in your goal ...it's YOUR PERSONAL decision (don't generalize your geneder because of "this" or 'that" situation), and behaviour. These ones are that will tend the answer as in positive for you, or negative. (NO PAIN, NO GAIN)

    Maybe you should stop blaiming nonsense and do something...because you bet others are actually doing now, at this exact momment, when you're probably saying that you disagree and whatever...Right? lol I know...just saying ;)

    Hope you and most of guys with this issue don't take too long to realize it.


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  • Getting a girl isn't really easy you know. Just keep trying. If some reject you, so what? On to the next one.

  • Because girls are bitches. Plain and simple.