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If I were to become pregnant in a long term relationship and knowing full well that I cannot support a child at this point in time, and neither can my boyfriend, I chose to have an abortion. Would I be a horrible person for not telling my boyfriend? My reasoning being- why make him stress about something that isn't going to come to term?


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  • Hi, I went through that situation about 3 months ago, and I have GOT to say, my boyfriend would have been so upset if I hadn't told him about it. Having an abortion is the single hardest thing I have ever had to do and if he hadn't been there to support me, I couldn't have done it. And frankly, he SHOULD stress, you're in this together. Seriously it is TOO hard to do it on your own, don't suffer on your own, even though this is hypothetical, it's just my experience.


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  • It's not fair for you to take the burden on your own. I think he has a right to know, as well.


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  • you should tell your boyfriend. why WOULDNT you? 1) it's his baby too and (2) you shouldnt deal with that alone. why should you have to stress alone? its affecting the both of you so why not tell him. if you can't tell your man about an abortion then how close are you? should you even be together? that's a pretty heavy secret to keep and its not right