How do you tell if you're in love?

question says it all


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  • I'm not sure either. But if I figure it out I'll let you know. It may be different for everyone. I'm married and I think I'm in love but some times I don't know if I am in love but just really settling. I am 24, and I feel like I am getting super old and I've never had a relationship before and all the men I've been in a relationship with sucked (they treated me wrong, and had bad habits that I couldn't take). So when I found my husband who would change his ways for me (he stopped saying certain things, stopped smoking etc)... I was hooked. He treated me right, and wanted to really work it out. he refused to break up wth me although I tried breaking up with him 100 times, and he proposed to me numerous times and finally it took me 3 hours to say yes I'll marry you. but we are married now. I don't know if I am madly in love and happy with him but I want to be. He's not that good looking and he doesn't always say the right things. He some times lies on time from time, and says the dumbest things that hurt me... and he's done and said a lot of immoral things agaisnt me and my God... but I forgive him. the thing I like about him is that he's willing to work at it and change for me... and that's what makes me in love with him... I can see myself with him forever because of that. Maybe that's being in love for me.