I just can't get over him.

My ex boyfriend and I broke up 2.5 months ago. I caught him lying about talking to some random girl and he always had pics and cards of his ex before me. They were together 6yrs and 7 months later him and I became an item. Well it used to bother me after I caught him lying I became insecure and we were always fighting. I loved this guy SO much. We were together for 1 year and now I'm completely devastated. He proposed to me and now I just can't get over he hurt. He never attempted to call me or doesn't talk to me at work. Turns out once we broke up he was dating a bunch of girls and a month later his ex came into the picture. They are back together now. Crazy thing is, she (his ex) called me immediately after we broke up telling me she's here for me. Well stupid me believed her and we talked for 2 weeks. She was always asking me questions about him and telling me she went through a lot of bad bad times with him and that for me to be strong because I deserve better. He would call us both fat (which I'm a size 5) and that we dressed like sh*t. Then all of they are together now. Her family wrote me apologizing for her daughters actions and how she used me to get back with him. Her family hates him and his mom HATES her...I mean hates her and has threatened to beat the daylights out of her. The mother liked me a lot. Do you think they will work? They have tried for 6 years and always broke up for months and now I feel like he used me for this year he took a break from her. I'm torn into pieces. I just can't get over him. If he always told m he loved me ad proposed then why have I never heard from him since and he's back with his ex? HELP ME! How do I get through this. Are guys this heartless? He seems happy now too with her like we were at first.


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  • not all guys are this heartless and honestly...maybe he got into the relationship with you too soon. he was dating someone for over half a decade. he probably really was not over her to begin with. there was probably nothing you could have done because if he felt in his heart that he still loved his ex then that's what it was. the only thing you can do is try to seperate yourself from the madness and try to move on...give yourself time to heal and find another guy.preferably one who isn't coming out of such a serious relationship.lol.good luck!