If a guy stops calling saying that he want to study?

a guy got the number..started calling me once in 3 months then once in a month then once in a week then once in 3 days then once in a day then every morning , afternoon,n night..at last proposed..i agreed..after few days he told that he needs to study and loosing his concentration...want to get serious in study and am changing number and at last he stopped calling me...i know he is studying tough course he needs to study and concentrate more..but he can reduce the time he is talking to me..y to totally avoid..n he still says he loves me but am unable to know y he cannot spare few minutes to talk to me..anyone please bring me out of this confusion whether he truly loves me or not...


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  • No, Honey.. He doesn't love you. He calls when he's bored. Please don't consider him a potential boyfriend. He isn't. He sounds like he's not busy... and not very interested.

    Find a guy who adores you. He's not it. Hugz.