Do you think online love works anyway?

I've been friends with this particular person for over a year and have gotten closer within the last year. It's getting serious now and it's "so hard to quit". I've tried several times but almost failed. I know this is not the right thing and not the right person when I "deeply" think of the whole issue but yet I sometimes think it might not be that bad and maybe there's a chance in future (this is when he's already talking about marriage and meeting in real life (we live in different countries)).


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  • I have absolutely no faith in long distance relationships. I have no faith in relationships where the people live an hour away from each other. I've been in a couple that failed miserably, and I've seen many from friends that always end horribly. I had a couple friends who had been together for like three years and then the guy moved an hour away from her and within six months it was over.

    There are certain things that a relationship needs in order for it to stay healthy, and many of those needs require that the people can see each other often. If you become romantically involved with this guy, then youll start to feel the need to be held by him and touch, and pretty soon youll only be able to think about how miserable you are because he's so far away. He will probably be thinking the same thing, and that miserable feeling will make you both start to get grouchy toward each other because every time you talk to him you'll be reminded you can't see him, and then you guys will argue and argue and argue and eventually not even want to be friends. If you at least want to keep him as a friend then I'd stay away from any kind of conversations that lead towards marriage or even dating each other. I know it's probably not something that a lot of people will like to hear, but it's true. Long distance relationships do not work.


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  • Living in different countries can be an issue but you can find love off the net. My friend was talking to a guy for 9 months before they actually met in person, mind you, they only lived half an hour away from each other. When they met up they met up as friends because that's how they were talking, as just friends. Then 2 months later they started seeing eachother and 1 month after that he asked her to be his girlfriend. There still together now. It's actually right about their 3 year anniversary.

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