She's getting engaged.

Okay there was this girl that I met in 10th grade and I began to slowly fall in love with her. In the 12th grade I finally had the courage to tell her how I felt about her but knowing that she doesn't go out with guys I asked for her to marry me in 5 years or so. She said she can't wait that long and I respected her reply. We became best friends ever since. This morning I wake up to a text message saying that she's getting engaged.. I didn't think I would feel like this but it feels absolutely horrible. People, where did I go wrong? What should I do?


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  • Wait, so how long have you known each other? You said that you became best friends with her ever since you asked her to marry you. Well, maybe that is all you are to her, a best friend (unless you're not telling us the whole story). I think you need to tell her how you feel about her, if she doesn't know already. If it doesn't go in your favor, you're just going to have to accept that she's engaged to another guy. Good luck! :)

    • Yea I guess your ryte..i just figured out this morning. we remained best friends although she knew how I felt for her. I remained that type of person that would always take care of her no matter what after that... we were classmates for 3 years

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