Woman, I need someone to break this down?

For those who have read my past questions, it's dealing with the same woman. Just recently my ex-girlfriend told me that I'm marriage material, not boyfriend material...what does that mean and how does that play a part in this so called, "taking a break" situation that I'm in


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  • It means that your a reliable trustworthy guy who would be great to be married to and have kids with when she's ready to settle down but your not boyfriend material because your too mature , serious and not crazy and spontanious enough... if that makes sense. Well that's what I think anyway because I used that line myself before and that's what I meant by it. To be honest though I was really just confused and realized shortly after that we just weren't compatible.She's just young and wants to have fun.I think. Just ask her.

  • I've read all your posts. And I've heard that from guys before - the marriage thing. Those guys who just wanted to have fun, nothing serious. Yeah, I asked another guy friend to explian it to me. She's still exploring what's out there. All the advice I've gotten about getting back together with an ex is as follows:

    Back off and focus on yourself. You're important too ya know. Take a good look at your previous relationship and figure out what went wrong on both sides (it takes two). If someone needs to figure things out and wants a break, give it to them. The hardest part about this is not contacting them. If you're still acting like her boyfriend then she hasn't figured out what it's like without you. Let her figure it out. That doesn't mean you have to be rude and ignore her, just back off a bit and let her know why. While the other person is exploring their feelings and such, you should too. Go out and have fun. Talk to other girls. If she really loves you and wants to be with you she will.


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