Why is he not ready to commit?

So I've been dating this guy and he popped those 3 words "I love you".I did not say it back because I'm not ready yet. I told him my feelings are very strong but I don't want to say anything premature. We both decided we're serious about each other and we should consider marriage. So looking at this you'd think he's pretty serious about me. However he does not want to tell his parents about me yet. They know he's involved with someone but don't know who I am. He said he will tell them when he's ready. I told mine and he's actually upset that I did that. I'm confused.if he loves me.why not tell his parents about me. It's not like I'm asking for a proposal right now but it would be nice to know that his family knows about me. Then I think is it because I haven't told him I love him back? He says he's not ready to tell them because he's not sure what to do.

I think I may be falling in love with him too.but if he's not even ready to talk to his parents.then I would regret telling him I love him he as he may not actually be as serious as I think he is.

I feel like I keep pestering him and putting him on the spot about this subject. Any thoughts?


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  • several guesses, and this is one of those things that could be anything, so you might have to end up asking why, as much as you don't want to pester him.

    a)he considers it a big step that he wants to take when he's ready(might be for a reason or just a matter of time)

    b)there's something he's hiding about you from them that might come out

    c)there's something he's hiding from you about them

    d)he's just scared

    hard to say, wish I could give a more definite answer.


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  • Any guy who doesn't want to meet your family and even doesn't want them to KNOW about him? TROUBLE! You do NOT want to marry a guy or even long term date a guy like that! He already knows he is going to break your heart - just not when or probably even how yet. That is why he doesn't want family and friends involved - it will be more people who know he is a jerk!

    Move on!