He's Vacationing With A Girl!!

Been dating this guy for five years. Last year he's been in Japan. He's moving home in two weeks.

Before he leaves Japan, he decided to do a two-week trip to Australia. Well, he's meeting up with an Australian friend he met in Japan to tour around her hometown.

I've been quite jealous of this girl. She seems super hot and fun, and now they're spending time together sky diving and mountain climbing and stuff. He kind of lead me to believe it was only one day... but she posted on his Facebook "See you Wednesday... sky diving plans confirmed for Friday!"

I'm feeling really insecure. He swears up and down it's just platonic, that he's not attracted to her at all. We've been kind of rocky the last few months, but he says he's committed to me, monogamous, and doesn't want to screw up anything, especially since soon we're gonna be near each other again. She's also seeing someone else in Japan.

But should I be worried?

PS: We're both listed as nothing under our relationship status. We broke up a few months back cause of distance, then mutually decided not to put anything until we were connecting in person again, but don't consider ourselves single. He said that he'd consider it cheating if he kissed anybody else.


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  • Sounds complicated.

    Complicated relationships=stupid.

    Relationships are either clear in what is expected and what is going on, or they are not. If they are not, they are not worth being in.

    I can't say he's cheating, but you should have been done with this when you broke up.

    • Haha well relationships and me have never been simple.

      And it is clear what's expected (no flirting no kissing etc., only platonic female friends.) I'm just insecure.

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  • In Asian culture, it's serious business when two people of the opposite gender go traveling abroad together as a couple...typically, when they return, marriage proposal is just around the corner, traditionally speaking that is

    spending time together in Japan and Australia says a lot even for friendship...jumping out of airplanes together, hiking, and the beach, etc...not too many dates like this

  • who cares?


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