Boyfriend withholding information all the time. gets aggressive when confronted?

I have been with this guy for 7 years, since the past two and a half years its been long distance. last month when I visited him, I discovered that he'd been cheating with someone when he'd casually broken it off with me for about two weeks. the messages were provocative...ranging from mms and 'would you come to sleep with me at my house?'. he swore that he'd never touched her and broken up with her later. I found all of this really hurtful, especially because it takes him so long to admit something despite glaring proof. I asked him to give me his email's password and add me on facebook, both of which he agreed to at that point in time, but he gave me the wrong password and never did the latter to date. when I ask him about it, it just becomes one long, never ending fight which doesn't resolve anything. since last month, he has officially proposed, these are mixed signals, and any advice or insight will be much appreciated. do take the time out to respond, thanks.

even now I'm blocked on his facebook, though he claims that he's deleted his account, I can see that he hasn't when I access from a bogus log in. its so frustrating, as this is kind of juvenile.


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  • Umm, time to be a big girl and leave.


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  • I would spare myself the trouble and leave. If you have to get his passwords and emails and such, that should redflag you that this is someone that is dishonest and won't be honest to you in the future. I would just part ways because it seems to me that this guy should lose what he has, and will one day regret it.

    I would just call him up today and tell him that you know he is lying and its stupid to cover it up, and that you are moving on to greener pastures unless he is honest and can prove the relationship is over between him and this girl and he uses a transparent method for a long time.

    Isn't it great how Facebook just seems to make everything worse? I would just stop playing his game, either you get the truth and the info you need honestly, or just spare yourself the trouble.