Girls, does your wedding ring have to have real diamonds, or are you ok with Cubic Zirconia (synthetic/"fake" diamonds)?

Here's the argument; Cubic Zirconias are a manmade version of a diamond, that has absolutely no flaws (cracks, deformities, etc.) in the stone's construction. They literally are a "perfect" diamond... and because they are manmade they are way less expensive.

A diamond in the real world that is found in the earth, can have various flaws in them, and vary in quality. Because diamonds are rare in themselves, they are way more expensive... and a higher quality diamond (as in very few flaws) is even more expensive!

So ladies, which would you prefer?

Vote and reply in as much details as you wish!

  • Yes, my wedding ring needs to have diamonds, not Cubic Zirconias; don''t be cheap!
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  • I would be ok with Cubic Zirconias, but would prefer diamonds
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  • Either way I'm happy, dammit i'm married! :-D
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  • I prefer Cubic Zirconias over diamonds; save that money for the honeymoon!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd rather not have a diamond ring. They're tacky, overdone, and unless it's lab grown I'd worry about the child forced into slavery to harvest it. I will take a tattoo ring, something unique, or something with color. And durable since I plan to be a nurse.


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  • I'd be happy to accept with whatever he gave me with love and could afford.
    I dont need a diamond ring if he loves me truly. I just need him by my side till rest of my life and we work together and build our future together.
    diamond ring is nothing compared when it comes about planning our future together.

  • I think diamonds are over rated and I don't ever want any. There are beautiful gems out there that are colorful and so much better then diamonds. They are only popular because people buy into the hype that they are the best stone. Bunch of malarkey

  • I would probably like a different stone altogether. I think diamonds are tacky & overdone. I'd want something with colour in it but not too much. I've heard there are special rings/ring boxes guys can get for proposing where he & the girl can go back to the store afterwards & choose the ring together. Awesome! ^_^

  • Happily married (with a token diamond/s) but wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't. However a CZ wouldn't have been great as they don't wear well, and after a few years of daily wear looks aged and a bit grubby. I had a cheaper wedding band with CZ to save money when we got married and it looked really cheap after 9 months despite regular cleaning.
    Moissanite is a great, cheaper alternative but my favourite is morganite 💗

  • He could get it out of a cereal box for all I care. Too much emphasis put on the whole thing. I want a marriage. Not a ring and an expensive party that my grandchildren will be paying for.

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