My boyfriend didn't talk to me?

Me & my boyfriend got breakup a month before because he has another girlfriend for time pass & give her time more than me, he is not talking with me at least for 1 min, afterward they also breakup.

2 days before my boyfriend propose me & I said yes because I can't live without him but he say don't cal me & message me, we don't talk

please friends help me what can I do


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  • That question didn't really make any sense because of the way you worded it...

    But from what I think is going on, you shouldn't be marrying this dude. Marriage should come from a relationship that is like over the course of years with nobody else interfering with that couple. You need to find somebody who is not as trashy. If you marry him, it will end in divorce. Trust me

    So basically, don't get married


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