Name 5 things that you want to do before you die!!?

I want to:

1- Have a happy marriage/family.

2- Take care of my parents in their old age.

3- Visit the city of Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, cities where Jesus was born and lived.

4- Participate in a volunteer project with orphans in my country.

5- Write my own human rights book.

...What about you?

Thanks everyone for answering.


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  • 1. Have a family

    2. Have a job I love

    3. Travel the world

    4. Spend a year volunteering in a third world country

    5. Have a friend in every country in the world


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  • 1.Get my education completed and earn a good living thereby enabling me to do things I enjoy; and along the way expose a few frauds.

    2. Learn how to play an instrument-or instruments and compose my own music for catharisis.

    3. For a time live life in the fast lane and travel constantly/always be doing something-among these riding with the Cossacks, riding the Orient Express (the same route that is-the train is out of commission), go to Mongolia, Trans-Siberian railway, and so many other things.

    4. Settle down marriage and children and everything that goes with being "domesticated".

    5. Enjoy my labours and depart on a high.

  • after what I read, its really hard to say something special, but I'll try

    i just have to say that 1 and 2 inure list are so nice.

    1-Get married, have 3 kids.

    2-Fly a 747 or an F-15 eagle.

    3-See the first surgery my son/daughter performs.

    4-complete my 100 city list.

    5-attend the 16 sporting events that nobody should miss.

  • 1. Get my masters

    2. Find someone I can share my life with

    3. Visit UK just once

    4. Have a son/ or adopt

    5. Write a book

  • 1.) Earn a law degree in international law

    2.) become a human rights lawyer with a human rights organization

    3.) visit the remains of the concentration/death camps in Europe (which I have already completed)

    4.) visit the 7 ancient wonders of the world

    5.) have a family

  • I'd like to end the illegal occupation of the cities you insult to jesus.

    I'd like to organize a new political party.

    • I don't think Jesus cares about it or even He feels offended....He has other important issues to look for...

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    • As a christian, I believe God is in control. Did you read bible? Its known that this would happen at apocalypse.

    • You're not a Christian, you're a nutball, imao

  • 1) All my life, I'v been traveling, I would wanna settle in life, have small beautiful family

    2) I wanna take my mom to Brazil, that's whr she was born and it's been 30yrs since she went there

    3) I'd wanna go to the Amazon rain forest and the Andes mountains

    4) I wanna get a ride in an F-16 or at least in an F1 car :P

    5) I would wanna kill at least one terrorist

  • 1. - Have a happy marriage/family.

    2. - Take care of my parents in their old age.

    3. - See the earth from orbit.

    4. - Make a significant different to improve living conditions for human kind.

    5. - Win a nobel prize..

  • 1) Smoke some more weed

    2) Hang out some more

    3) Give heroin a try

    4) Give meth a try

    5) Give speed a try

    6) Give cocaine a try

    7) Smoke some more weed

    8) Play some more video games

    9) Hang out some more

    10) Hang out some more

  • 1) Finish school

    2) Marry

    3) Have sex

    4) Make a significant difference in the life of at least one person

    5) Fly

  • 1. Only one: Find happiness! Problem is, I am not wise enough to know whether I've found it yet or not... Am getting there, though.

  • 1.join the peace corps a one way ticket to the furthest palce from my house and work my way back by bus and train

    3.great a great contribution to science

    4.have a loving marriage

    5.raise good kids

  • Find the women I would wanna spend my life with, being able to educate people during my retirement, learn as much as I can about the universe, of course take care of my parents (as a way of thanking them for the life they have given me) and travel on each continent.

  • 1- be happily married

    2- have great children

    3-play in a famous orchestra

    4- be a great teacher in english history or music

    5- make a difference in my community, countrey and the world

    taking care of my parents is a given because they took care of me and I want to return the favor

  • 1- Finish Med school

    2- Climb Denali

    3- Get a wingsuit license

    4- get a pilot's license

    5- Chill

    • How did I get voted down?


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    • The nonexistence of true altruism is demonstrable, along with the notion that all actions are rooted in an advancement of oneself. So I guess my question is, why help other people. I mean, I obviously will, I plan on doing trips to the himalayas as a medical assistant. But still, why would you say that a directly self benefitting goal is not as "important" as one that helps more people?

    • Why help other people? Did you see news today? Many people depend on is not pefect, and they can't have a decent life by themselves... Anyways, as I said before, everyone has own priorites...In my opinion, what you think is important, its not at, its pointless to keep the conversation when I'm not gonna agree with you.

  • 1. marry/have a baby

    2. visit israel (im jewish)

    3. sky dive

    4. climb mount Everest

    5. make a difference in the world somehow someway

  • 1- Have sex

    2- Have more sex

    3- Rule the world

    4- Figure out the cure to death

    5- Become a God

    • I got what you need man just wire me the money

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    • Those goals are inherent to all men... just most of us throw in the towel eventually or end up in a nut ward... of course a few of us have made some decent progress.

    • Lol "Figure out the cure to death"

  • I'm not going to die.

    Whoever says they want to make a difference in the world is dreaming. The world is a sh*t hole and always will be.

    • Its getting better all the time. its just a long process

    • I have to agree with anonymous guy there, its just getting worse

    • I don't know last time I checked we have education for all no slavery free speach rights to bare arms I don't know civilization is getting better. society I agree is getting weird

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  • -1-Writing my own book. Hopeoit's gonna be famus ^^!

    -2-Finding my soul mate (lol!yeah fairy stuff ^^) If I do not then finding some one on whom I can count for real.

    -3-Walk to the furthest place ever ^^! I donno where !

    -4- Become a great surgeon! I'm on my way ^^!

    -5-Postpone my date of death :D

    • Walk across the united states a few times like forest gump then just say "i don't wanna walk no more, I'm going home"

    • Lol!yeah why not! but I'm like really into walking ^^'! I got a car and stuff but still walk is better ^^"

  • 1. Go to college and finish it

    2. Marry

    3. Go to Sweden

    4. Sky dive

    5. Pass my license and permit test

  • 1. have a loving marrige

    2. being a great nurse

    3. raise cute children

    4. spend remaining years near the sea

    5. see the conquest of cancer

    • The first 3. are the same as my girlfriend. lol

      4. for her is a little different

      and I don't think 5 will ever be possible...though I hope it is someday

    • Cancer has been cured already about ten years ago dr jerry peterson did it. I actually worked for him and he created this thing call mc3 antibody that targets cancer cells. he was in clinical trials when the bush administration revoked his funding and his lab was forced to close he had a 4 story research facility in san fransisco. he the had a stroke and was forced into retirement and his creation is currently in clinical trials in france.

  • 1. I want to be the best Christian I can be.

    2. Travel Europe with my loved one

    3. finish my book

    4. adopt a child.

    5. finish photogrophy school

  • 1. Make my mom proud

    2. Find true love

    3. Find 'lifetime" friends

    4. Travel the world

    5. Stick my feet in the pacific ocean, while the sun is setting (I know that's cheesy lol)

  • 1.Finish college come laud

    2. Join the Air Force

    3. Try and act

    4. Join one of the big four accounting firms

    5. Retire from accounting and head a charity aimed at helping children in impoverished nations

  • -Marry

    -make sure I won't have kids lmfao

    -have lots of fun

    -help my family

    -make sure I'll never be fat

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