How do shy guys act when they like someone?

How can you tell if a shy guy likes you ?


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  • Being that I am this, "shy guy" I can tell you this: case by case different things... It all depends on the person.

    Let's take me for example... I am not the type to out-right chat some woman up. I am not the one that will directly address her (what I mean is that, I won't just go and say, "hi, what's your name, ou are cute" or any such nonsense...). A perfect example is at a starbucks I frequent. I had (and somewhat still have) a crush on one of the supervisors there. I did not directly adress her or her availability. However, I did talk about other things that demanded personal input. That is my way of extracting info that would be pertainent to if I could approach her or not. I found out a lot of info. I found out that she was engaged to her long time boyfriend and she lives with him. She is not too happy about her situation as far as work, but she is doing the best she can and wants to do more even though... And she is aspiring to become a manager with the company... There are more tidbits, but they are not related... I like(d) her alot, because she reminded me of myself, never wanting to settle for less... But the whole "engagement with a long-time boyfriend" was something that basically told me that she was not available. Ugh... All I can sa is that I am always on time with everything else, but romance... HAHAHAHA! but anyway... My method is often very "round about" and strategic: gaining info and intellegence for the event of trying to establish commonality. But I am never direct. Mainly because I am shy. I don't know if this helps ou or not...


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  • Well I'm a shy guy myself. I usualy look at her quite often even if I don't relize I'm doing it. I also try to seem kind of happy like I'm enjoying myself if she looks over at me. And if the two of us happen to speak it usualy ends up with me trying to tell a lame joke or saying something to try and complement her looks or personality.

  • Why are you asking us? Go up to this "shy guy" and ask him this question verbatim "Hey Bud, what's the deal, do you dig me or what? You see I kind have the hots for you and want to know if I am wasting my time." Now the question is out there out in the open. If he is still "shy" or rather what I think is a better description such as p**** then drop him because you really don't want some timid freak.


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