What would you feel or do when you are NOT invited to the wedding by your daughter in law?

she already invited everyone else except me. we all live under the same roof.
Thanks for all of your opinions and support. :) thanks for being my
online neighbor too. <3 <3 <3


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  • Clarify that it's not a mistake.
    What does your son say?

    • you can read the rest :) it has been resolved. Thanks for being a listening ear.

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  • Reading through some of the comments you’ve left on the other posts you seem to have a lot of judgement and anger towards her, giving large views on their choices that really, are none of your business such as when they’re getting married.
    There is quite a bit of time before the wedding, and she is going to be part of your family. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with her as a whole and start building the foundation in which you want to continue. You don’t need to be her best friend, her wedding planner or her confidant and from the sounds of it she doesn’t want you to be those things anyway. If she asks for favours you’re not obligated to do it, but you can decline with firm politeness instead or derision or to hold it above her later.

    Be the adult, this is more for your sons benefit then for hers anyway

    • Yes it is true. It is none of my business about the wedding date (budgetwise it is not a good idea) I lived with her for past 5 years and we were close mother and daughter. There is many other things she does to me and my family that is probably unforgivable to you, if it was in your shoes but I forgave her because that was my loving nature to do so, I love and forgive too much to the point where people takes advantage of my kindness and forgiveness. I was crying when I typed this. I was upset because she started the drama in the morning just cuz I asked her if I could get some gas money (gas was for school) since I dont get paid until next week. She flipped out and started screaming at me about the phone she needed to get and call back to the wedding planner (which I hadn't known anything about at that time) then you can guess what happened after. My son also disrespected me because he did not listen to my side of story and jumped conclusions with some things and now we have resolved.

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  • How are you under 30 and have a son getting married?

    • not at correct age.

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    • Seems like a super fragile situation. I take it your son doesn't see these instances?
      How close is the wedding?
      Have you talked to your son about her?

    • Yeah the wedding is in less than a year from now. I felt that they rushed the wedding while their engagement happened less than a month ago. I am not going to pay no mind to that issue anymore. chalk it off as another family member who hates everything about me.

  • Question it. I'd be upset but if I had a good relationship with her, I'd assume there'd been some mistake or she wanted to ask me in person or something.

    • there was no mistake, she invited all of her friends on her social media list not me.

  • I'm confused on your relationship with the couple getting married:

    Is it that:

    1. you are the mother of the Guy getting married
    2. You are married to the father of the future bride/future groom.

    If it is n*2, it may be that she is not inviting you to avoid an awkward situation with her real mother, I know that certainly will be the case with my future wedding if I have one. On top of it, they had an affair when my parents were married so I'd just want to be comfortable at my own wedding, you know?

    • I am the mother and I have commented on wonderer's

  • What the heck- how is this okay with your son or daughter.

    • I found out today that they hired a wedding planner even after I offered weeks ago to help for free. I simply told them I knew they never loved me, their actions towards me is proof enough. I had been their provider, counselor, babysitter, etc.. I kept on pretending for a long time that somehow they do love me even for a little bit. Today, a veil has been lifted off, I dont deserve this kind of treatment from them at all.

    • Its really sad, I agree you don't.

  • I'd ask her about it.


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