The Ultimate Sign...and a few tinier questions

ok here's a little question for you

ultimate sign that a guy likes a girl- like really likes her common is it to talk about marriage on a first date? like just in"when I get married". keep in mind this is like a 18 year old talking

and.hmm when a guy legit likes a girl and then he's all like yeah, but I'm settling down.what the heck does that mean?

i would greatly appreciate if you could answer all of those but if you can't be bothered it's cool.


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  • A guy brought up marriage on a first date?

    What, did he just come out of the basement for the first time?

    What a wierdo!

  • Theres an Ultimate sign?

    If he says he's settling down then doesn't that mean he wants to be serious with a girl, talking about getting married, not that that's what he means.

    Talking about getting married on a first date is weird. Good thing he didn't get scared


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