Am I getting blown off?

She works a lot during the summer. I asked her to hangout but was buys and explained with what. She said she would hangout another time when she was free. I asked her 2 weeks or so later and she only say "no" this time. Do I just have really bad timing? or getting blow off?


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  • Maybe she was busy the first time and just didn't want to hang out the second time? Maybe the first time she was trying to be nice and say no w/o hurting your feelings but the second time she was annyoed? Maybe she was busy both times. Despite all the possibilities I don't believe she was just blowing you off.

    • Would the time matter, the first time was in the late evening but the second time was vary vary late in the day.

    • Yeah time matters, really everything matters, some more than others but the point is it matters. I'd suggest asking her on a day off to go with one of her friends and one of your friends, not like on a double date but just so that if you two wind up getting awkward, you both have someone to go to for the next conversation.

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  • hay hun seems like you're getting blown off.. ask one last time if she says no then let it go and find another hottie;) xox

  • Your getting blown off... if she would have wanted to see you... trust me, she would have.


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  • Probably being blown off...especially if the 2nd time she just said flat "no" with no excuse. The first time she may have just been being polite thinking you wouldn't try again, or she might have been indecisive.

    But it could be bad timing as well, in the sense that girls change their moods a lot.

    "No" does not always mean "never".

    But when she says she's busy or whatever, that's usually just an excuse. It essentially counts the same as "no" because a girl will make time for you if she wants to.

    Many reasons she could be saying "no". She could have a boyfriend. It could also be how you're approaching her. Just asking her to "hang out" may be too vague and unappealing to her. It depends upon the girl, but you might have to try something more specific.

    Basically what girls do when a guy asks them to do anything, is they make their decision based upon who the guy is, what the proposal is, and whatever else is going on in their life at that moment.

    • I tried to be specific asking if she was free a specific day then if she had any free time. I am almost certain she dose not have a boyfriend.

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    • It's important to remember that while you're thinking, "Gee, I don't care what we do...I just want to spend time with her," it's doubtful that she's thinking the same way.

      Without knowing her I'm just guessing, but she's probably afraid to commit to something when she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. If she says, "Yes, I'm free", then she's trapped herself. Even if she likes you, she may not want to do that.

    • That was helpful, I think your on the money about her not knowing what she is getting into, never thought of it that way. basically in a sentence or two she is: organized, honest if you do something she dose not like she not afraid to tell you. I know her fairly well sat beside her in class talked to her a lot, made her blush a few times when I teased her. thanks again for great responses.