I like her and I think she likes me, but I'm not sure?

Hey guys I just got out of an 8 year relationship that was killing me and I'm not sure if I'm out of focus. So I'm thinking you guys could be able to help me sort some stuff out.

I met this girl about the same time I got engaged but haven't seen her for almost as long but a few months ago we bumped into each other and started talking, texting, IM on FB, etc. After some time we went for a few coffees and recently the frequency has gone up. Everything was going great when we went out we smiled, talked, I think we flirted it always took us a ridiculous amount of time (like 1 coffee 4 hours). So when she came back from her trip I asked her out for a coffee again and she found some time after a few days and it was going great. We were having fun and talking so I had the urge to stroke my hand against her thigh and she didn't even pause while talking. I had the feeling she liked it so I played with my fingers on her neck and back. I held her hand...'cose she's got nice skin. And she never hinted or moved or backed up in any way and just to see if she was maybe unconformable I gave her the chance to back of and I tried again later and same result everything a OK. Even in the car I had my hand in her lap and I even gave her my jacked so she wouldn't be cold to the car when it started raining. She was waring such a nice outfit(I just kept looking at her she was so beautiful)but it wasn't for a cold rainy day and it must have taken her hours for the hair..wow. So I told her that I love spending time with her and asked if she felt the same and she said that she did. So after some more conversation I asked her if she'd go camping with me for a day or 2 and she said she'd love after her exams in a few weeks. Anyway everything was going great she was leaving on vacation with her family and on the last day I asked her if she'd see me(she told me last time she wasn't gonna have time for coffee)even if just for 15min just to see her before she left. And she wrote me that it was tight but she'd take an 30min to see me.So we went for a walk(2,5 hours) and sat down on a bench and talked some more and I was trying to be affectionate and held her hand(she did mine to some), touched her hair, etc. And we were sitting in the bench close up and I was holding her thigh and at the back of her waist and it was perfect, she was smiling and talking..prefect.So I did a stupid thing and tried to kiss her and she back of an inch or two..she said she doesn't want to..that she left her Boyfriend because of another guy and she doesn't know how they are doing and she doesn't wanna screw things up and that we can be just friends for now..but she was still in my arms and didn't move away.She even said she likes me and that I shouldn't lose hope and I anything is possible.But I had the feeling she wanted to kiss me back and she still want's to go camping with me and it was still great.So now I don't know does she like me or am I crazy?Should I peruse it or did she tell me to bug off? Thanks

Right I forgot she told me to text her after about two weeks so we could see if we're going camping and told me last time we saw each other that I can call her until five clock.We were just together why would she want talk so soon.But she never picked up.
Anyway we IMed a few times and exchanged a few messages but I haven't seen her for a while now. But somehow once in a while she seems distant. She hasn't replied to any of my texts so I sent her a message on FB and she replied but was short. Weird...
Got back from vacation and went to a friends house and saw her running(she lives near) so I said hi and she said I don't want to talk I've got to much to think about I'll call you and she ran of. I asked what's wrong are we cool, she said yes...


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  • She's really do like you.