Is he EVER going to propose?

my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years. we have talked about marriage and kids many times before. we both want the same things in life and he says he wants to marry me. however, he still has yet to propose. we've been talking about marriage since year 2 so I figured he would have proposed by now. we're 24 and at the right places in our life to marry. I don't wanna give him an ultimatum because that would be mean and I don't wanna leave him because he's the guy I wanna marry. but do you think he'll ever propose or will I be waiting around forever?


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  • What is stopping you from proposing to him? So its not the 'traditional' way, but plenty of women ask the man these days. If you wanna marry him that bad then just do it. You shouldn't be talking about ultimatems yets because you haven't explored all you options. If he says no if you ask him, then I think that would be the time for ultimatems. But how do you know he is not saving up for a nice engagement ring already? Just don't be too hastey or you'll do something you'll regret. but I do suggest you asking him if he doesn't ask you soon.

    Worse case scenario: he says no, you leave him. If he doesn't ask you soon your going to leave him anyway, so what will it hurt?

    Hope this helped, good luck :)


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  • Don't talk about marriage with him anymore. Don't think about marriage with him. Just STOP!

    If he truly loves you, he shouldn't make you wait. Do what you want with your life, make the big plans in your life without factoring him in. Just live YOUR life. It is YOUR life, him Not included. You have no obligation to wait around for him. If he wants you in his life, then he will make his plans around you.

  • Well, maybe he is afraid to do it. It is a big question to ask. Maybe try not talking to him about marriage for a while and see his actions about it.