Pre-engagement (Promise) Ring?

At the end of this month it will be mine and my girlfriend's 2 year anniversary. Shortly after this we will both be going to different universities and there is even a chance she will be studying dentistry in Slovakia (we both live close distance in UK). I always wanted to get engaged when we went to uni together but now it doesn't seem right. I still want to be engaged but I think it would be better if we both had rings to show off that we've both made a promise to each other. I know I want to get promise rings for us both but I have no idea how to budget/browse rings of this type and reason. I've read somewhere that for engagement rings you spend about a month's wages on the ring which for me would be only about £100 ($160). Is this too little or does it really not matter?


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  • Don't get the ring!

    Anything like this just gives her an emotional excuse to be ravaged by a swarthy European whilst you sit about being the good beta chump for her to come home to afterwards.

    You need to hint that whilst she's away, you may have options available (ofc you don't have to take them, but the hint of it is what's important) - it's the only way of improving her chances of staying faithful.

    But of course this is advise coming from a guy that does not engage in monogamy. I did once up a time, but every girl I've had emotionally or physically cheats on me if I make it exclusive.

    So if you do want the ring: the month wages 'rule' is propaganda from the diamond cartels. Other gems are far prettier and much better value. But £100 on a 2 year anniversary gift seems reasonable, in fact a little generous. Certainly no more than that (unless you're pulling big bucks, which you've said you don't)

    On another sidenote - uni is make or break for relationships. I've seen couples that I thought were done deals for marriage fall apart. I've seen engaged girls let guys ravage them within weeks of accepting their fiance's proposal. But then I've seen other relationships bloom from almost nothing thanks to uni.

    • Please explain this: "Anything like this just gives her an emotional excuse to be ravaged by a swarthy European whilst you sit about being the good beta chump for her to come home to afterwards." I have NO IDEA what that means...

    • You propose to a girl at a tender young age.

      You prove that you'll be the good provider for her and not go f***ing other girls.

      This sets her hindbrain into motion. She has the provider, now she needs the alpha male genes for the kid. So she f***s some random buff and swarthy guy.

      That's about all I can manage in terms of simple explanations. Because it really isn't simple.

      Essentially, by promising to be a good provider, you turn her off sexually.

  • It's the thought. No such thing as to little. You can always buy her a better ring later if you don't feel it's good enough.

    • Expand a little maybe? :P instead of giving a half-assed worthless answer I could have found by searching, all you did was make my question stop appearing in the section for unanswered questions!

    • What's wrong with my answer? If you wanna be a douchebag. Then go somewhere else with your questions. There's nothing to expand on.

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