What are a few things guys look for into a girl before settling down with them ?

I want to know what things guys look for in girl before asking her out, taking her on a date, asking her to be his girl, and then later asking for her hand in marriage.


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  • Asking her out is more about initial attraction, physical looks and if it seems like she has an interesting personality.

    I'm confused what the difference between asking her out and taking her out on a date is.

    Asking her to be his girl is if you enjoy spending time with her, the sex is good, and you want to be exclusive.

    Asking her to marry you or getting to that point of entering for-life commitment is more about dependability, trustworthiness, and longevity.

    • I apologize for the confusion. I re-typed the same thing. lol!!! But about the sex part, what if she wants to wait til marriage ? Would you wait for her ?

    • Sex isn't all that it's hyped up to be. As long as she was willing to get me off in other ways, and I cared about her enough, I'd wait for her.

    • Thanks for the response =)

  • to date personality intelligence looks and height I like short women.

    well marriage would be how many kids does she want will she stay home with the kids till the youngest is in school and how many men she has slept with

    • If you would like to chat about this you should I'm me because I have a lot to say on this matter.

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    • She doesn't have to stay home forever she only has to stay home till the youngest is in school if she doesn't want to do that then I would say that I won't marry her and that's what the dating process is for so you can get to know people. I would say around 5 men then were getting in the realm of I don't really want her.

    • O okay

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